#39 How To Make Money While You Sleep

Are you tired of working hard for every dollar? Are you ready to make money in your sleep?

GIRL, I get it, I've been there.

I had just had my third kid and I knew the life we had wasn't what I wanted for my children. I wanted to take them to Disneyland every other year, invest in their talents and travel around the world!

But on our tiny income, none of that was possible.

So I got out a paper and pen and tried to figure out how many photoshoots I would need to do in order to live the life I wanted and I realized I would have to TRIPLE the amount of shoots.

Nope. Not doing that.

Fast forward some time I was trying to find the solution to my problem and I found out about podcasts and learned about Amy Porterfield and Jenna Kutcher. I wondered what they were doing that allowed them to stop trading time for money and I realized two things. 1. They have multiple revenue streams

2. They had courses online that they created once and sold over, and over again. Genius!

So I got to work creating a course and a membership site and a year later I have 3 revenue streams!

Life seemed GREAT!

And then the Coronavirus happened....and overnight the only revenue stream that is bringing me income is my online business.

Girl, putting your business online by creating courses and/or a membership site not online allows you to stop trading time for money, but it also protects your business during unexpected things.

So join us at The Revenue Party where I can teach you how to create a course and/or membership site from scratch and start making money while you sleep!


The Revenue Party Course

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You are confident, successful and have so much potential. You got this, girl!