#102: Sell Results, Not Just Products And Services

Ladies and gentlemen, it is as simple as that - Your business is NOT your product or service, but rather it is the result you are getting people!

As awesome as your product or service may be, if you do not connect with your client and if you do not get them the result they are wanting, they will not buy from you! It is SO important that you listen to your ideal client, hear their desires and pain points, then sell them a RESULT!

I walked away from 3 car dealerships before finally finding one where the salesman saw me, listened to me, and sold me on a car based on MY desires. The first 3 salesmen focused on my husband, spewed off specs and facts, and disregarded what I was looking for completely! Thank goodness for the 4th guy! He truly listened and found a solution, a result, for what I was looking for in a car. And GUESS WHAT! When I, as the customer, felt heard, I was willing to increase my budget when he showed me the perfect car for my needs!

When you look to sell a result instead of just a product or service, your ideal client will jump at the opportunity to buy from you, even if it means paying more. Be like the 4th salesman! Listen. Connect. Sell a result, not a product. You are in the business of getting people results. They are coming to you for a solution. Listen to them and sell them what they actually want!

You are confident, successful and have so much potential. You got this, girl!

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