#103: Tough As A Mother - Empowering Your Journey

You may think that being involved with the Oscars and meeting celebrities would be the highlight of one's small business journey, but for Jennifer, she says hearing of the joy her work brings to others is what truly means the most to her.

After teaching grade school for 11 years, Jennifer Cervantes chose to take a different path to better focus on her health, her family, and her true passion - empowering women. Through her online jewelry collection, Tough As A Mother, she seeks to honor the real, the raw, and the joyous occasions in motherhood, even amidst the struggles.

In today's episode we discuss her journey in business and motherhood, how she has seen the doors of opportunity open wide for her, and how you can find your purpose and passion, too! You are sure to be inspired by this sweet mama and her amazing story, drive, and purpose behind her "why" for doing what she does every day.

Connect with Jennifer

Website - Use code DREAMMAKERS30 for 30% off her entire jewelry collection!



You are confident, successful and have so much potential. You got this, girl!