#104: How To Battle Burnout

Recently I was listening to an excellent podcast episode that really resonated with me. I have been sick for a few weeks now and just feeling down about everything! The burnout has been seriously overwhelming, but in the episode, they talk about how when you feel down, or depressed, or burnt out, it is because you have lost HOPE. Hope is what we need when looking to the future, so without it, we can easily get weighed down and overwhelmed with the mundane parts of life.

We were born to DREAM and IMAGINE and HOPE for the future - and then go out there and make it happen! So this week, I challenge you to step up with me and battle that burnout by doing these 4 simple things:

Take time for yourself.

Go somewhere quiet.


Take a step toward that dream.

Take the quiet time to reflect, think, and just dream. Ask yourself: What do I want my life to look like? What do I want motherhood to look like for me? What do I want my business to look like? Then write down some of your thoughts and start taking little steps to make those dreams happen.

We need hopes, dreams, and creation to feel happy and fulfilled in life.

Never stop dreaming. Never give up hope. We're in this together, friends!

Links Mentioned

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You are confident, successful and have so much potential. You got this, girl!


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