#105: Getting Started With Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes - we've all seen them, heard of them, maybe even tried them a time or two, but how exactly do they work? Where do you start if you are interested in creating a subscription box for your own business?

Jenn Collins, the creator of the Mama Needs subscription box, is my special guest today teaching us all things subscription boxes and trust me, you do not want to miss this.

3 Tips to Get Started with Subscription Boxes:

  1. Find your niche and speak to them. You cannot be all things for all people, so discover who your ideal client is and be specific in your intended audience.

  2. Bless and release bad reviews. You cannot please everyone. If someone unsubscribes or leaves you a bad review, recognize that those are not your people. Keep you head up and move forward knowing that more people will come who will better fit in your tribe.

  3. Stay in your lane. Remember that only you can do what you are doing. Don't lose focus on your own path by comparing yourself to others.

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