#26 What You Need To Know, My 2019 Year Review

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

First of all can I just say what a great year this has been! There have been HUGE successes, failures (aka learning experiences) and so much more! I want to break my year down for you and show you what worked, what didn't and what I'm doing in 2020.


Back in 2018 I took a break from entrepreneurship for a few months. Why? Well, entrepreneurship is hard and I thought it would be better to just work for someone and not have all the stress and burden of owning my own business. Well I was so wrong. I hated working for someone else, being told when I could take a break, see my kids and when I could pee. I quit after 1 1/2 months and knew that I needed to go ALL IN in my business. So 2019 became my year to do so.


Networking Events - I made many friends, connections, clients and opportunities

Opening a Studio - A place where I know the light, could use at anytime, and rent

out to others and cover the costs of the space

Education - I spent over $5,000 and 100 hours this year in education this

year and it was SO worth it!

Podcast - I launched my podcast at the end of July and I have connected

with SO many amazing people because of it!


Invest in Good Education - Spending over $5,000 in education this year has given me a

mini panic attack this year, but I learned from Grant Cardone

that you need to not think about the price after you spend it,

but instead find the "1 million dollar idea".

Grow My Mindset - I've learned that when I grow my mindset I grow my business.

Community is a Must - Surrounding myself with like minded people and getting

involved with the community has been crucial to my business.


My Overall Focus is - my spiritual and physical health. I've listened to a lot of

successful entrepreneurs who say that your wealth will grow

as your health improves. I'm also in a place where I am ready

to release the weight I've been holding onto & build an even

stronger relationship with my God.

My Business Focus is - My Membership Site, The Dream Makers Tribe & my podcast

P.S. Doors open to The Dream Makers Tribe on February 5th, 2020. It's only be open for 14 days so don't miss it. Go check it out and get on the wait list!