#29 3 Things Everyone Should Know About Traveling With Kids

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

The thought of traveling with kids can sometimes be enough to kick even the  most level headed parent into a cold sweat. Could you be missing out on the  invaluable benefits of travel out of worry?  

In this episode, I sit down with Cassie Cherneski, wedding planner, serial  entrepreneur and world traveler. Cassie shares her secrets to making consistent  travel possible for her entire family of five. Tune in for advice on making trips  financially feasible, minimizing stress and anxiety on excursions with kids and  ensuring your family gets the most out of every trip. 


In this episode, you’ll discover:

• How travel may be more attainable than you realize 

• The impact travel can have in shaping your children

• The 3 words that can make your next trip more enjoyable

• How you can get your entire family invested in your adventures

• Travel hacks to make trips more affordable


 “Its world-shifting for kids to be able to travel!”

-Cassie Cherneski   

Resources Mentioned: 

Dream Makers Tribe   (Doors Open February 5th!)  • NextVacay


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website: Flaireweddings

Instagram: Flaire_Cassie

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“People have this mentality that travel is a once in a lifetime experience.

In what  I've experienced, when you have that mentality, it puts an undue amount of pressure  on you and on the trip and on your kids”

-Cassie Cherneski 

You are confident, successful and have so much potential.   You got this, girl!