#7 3 Ways to Add Personality To Your Brand

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Today's episode we are going to add personality into our brand and make our business feel more like us and help our ideal clients connect with us on a deeper level.

This is a content heavy episode, so download this episodes CHEAT SHEET, grab a pen and then girl, let's get this party started!


What represents you? Evaluate your personality, background, educations, skills, fashion, music, etc. to find out what truly represents you. After looking at these different aspects of yourself, ask this question, "do I want this permanently in my brand?" Some of the items on your list you may want to embed them into your brand, and others you won't. Your qualities will add personality to your brand and help others connect with you.


What are the things you LOVE to do more than anything? What are the things you can't wait to get off your to-do list? Both of these lists are things that you are passionate about. These are perfect topics to add to your social posts, blog posts, podcast, etc.! Your clients will be able to connect to your brand and to you as a person.


What obstacle have you had to overcome? How did you overcome it? What are your wins? Share your story. Share your current struggle or previous struggles you had and how you overcame them! Being vulnerable and sharing will help clients trust and connect with you. Your clients will learn from you, cheer you on, and might even help you with your struggle!

I can't wait for you to download the CHEAT SHEET, listen to this episode and add your awesome personality to your brand!

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