#31 A Graceful Approach to Weight Loss

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

What if shifting your perspective and mindset could make a world of difference  in your efforts to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle? 

Today’s guest, Dr. Linda Hodges, shares 4 major topics for approaching  healthcare and well-being that can make your efforts at weight loss way more  effective. As a board certified practitioner in internal, critical and obesity  medicine, Dr. Hodges has no shortage of insights on practical, effective  approaches to health. Listen in to learn how you can reframe your thinking and  own your unique journey to wellness. 



In this episode, you’ll discover: 

4 Topics Dr. Linda teaches all her clients: 

1. Understanding what is out of your control

2. How comparisons can be detrimental

3. What metrics matter most for true health 

4. How you can leverage your skills to maximize results

• Where you can go to get personalized health info for free 

• What habits you need to be successful on your journey


“Suzie lost weight this way and my sister lost weight this way... Are you

either  one of those people?”

- Dr. Hodges


Resources Mentioned: 

Dream Makers Tribe   (Doors Open February 5th!) 

Connect With Dr. Hodges

website: Exceptionalweightloss.com   (Get the first 2 chapters of Dr. Hodges’ book for free!)  Instagram: drhealthyweight


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You are confident, successful and have so much potential.   You got this, girl!