#36 My Exact Guide To Instagram Stories

Here are a few facts you need to know about Instagram Stories

-People are spending at least 10 more minutes a day on just stories

-Studies have shown that people who stay after the 3rd story usually stay for all

-People who stay for all the stories are your hottest audience, meaning best to buy from you! -On the algorithm, if people watch all your stories, send you a DM etc, Instagram will show those people your stories and posts more So making sure that you have stories that are engaging and important to your audience is SO important!

A few tips to keep in mind:

-Put text on all your stories, most people watch stories with no sound

-Use the GIFS and other fun stickers

-Tag appropriately

-Pay attention to your watch numbers and see where people stop watching and take note

these categories: educational, entertaining and/or inspirational. So how do we do that in our stories?

#1 Educational

Educational stories are things like: tips & tricks and tutorials

Don't feel like you need to hold back and keep all your secrets. First of all, there are no secrets, people can find whatever they want on Youtube. So please share what you know, this will position you as a professional. First: Introduce the topic Second: In 2-4 slides share the tips Third: Close with a call to action. EX: Health Coach - Easy leg workout.

Story 1: Hey guys! Just wanted to show you how to do a quick leg workout that can be done in 10 minutes. Do each move 25 times and do 3 sets of each workout. Story 2-4: Share all the tips Last Story: This workout will help you have firm feminine legs without spending hours at the gym. Hope you enjoyed this workout, if you tried it DM me and let me know what you think!

#2 Behind The Scenes

Show things like: your workspace, your team, you creating or making something, new part of your business, favorite part of your business day, testimonials, your life as a entrepreneur, family life etc. People WANT to know whats going on in your life! Even if you think it's something super ordinary and simple, you'll be surprised how much people will love it!

Tell the Behind the Scenes in 3-4 stories

#3 Promotional

Promotional stories are showing why people should buy, this could be a sale, a new product, a new seasonal product, etc. You don't want to do a long story with these because people don't want to be sold to!

First: Announcement Second: 2-4 Stories sharing the deets Third: Close/Call to Action Example: Paint Artist Story 1: Hey guys I'm SO excited to show you our new watercolor prints for 2020! I did

something new this year and have put gold flecks in my work this year and I'm in love! We're doing 20% of you purchase your for the first week of January only. Stories 2-4: All the deets

Last Story: So to get these art pieces go to my website at _____, use the code Gold20, you have until January 4th!

Girl, I hope you LOVE these tips! I can't wait to see you use them! Instagram Stories is the place to be.

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You are confident, successful and have so much potential.   You got this, girl!


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