#42 How To Start Creating a Course or Membership

Are you ready to dive into our live training?!

If you are tuning into this training then you are probably wondering: - How can I move my business online?

- How can I make money while I sleep?

- How can I stop feeling guilty and choosing between work and being a mom?

This training is all about why and how to start creating a course and membership site and get a glimps of what's possible.

Important Note: All a course or membership is, is taking your experiences, skills, knowledge and teaching it!

This time RIGHT NOW during the coronavirus is the BEST time to create a course or membership site! Why? Because nearly the entire world is searching for courses! We're all stuck at home and we want to feel normal! We want to learn a new skill! So create your course now because this seriously is the BEST time.

Don't know what to teach? Girl, I got you!

Download the workbook >>HERE<< and let's get started!

(In the podcast episode I share some really great examples for what this looks like)

FIRST: You want to brainstorm and write down all of your Skills and Results! Don't hold back! They don't have to relate to your business.

SECOND: Circle all the ones that you're interested in teaching

THIRD: Take 3 circled words and plug them in the Idea Generator on the very first line.

FOURTH: Brainstorm all the subtopics that a student of yours would need to know in order to achieve or learn what you want to teach them.

FIFTH: Look at these 3 columns and circle the one that excites you the most to teach!


Now that you have a course or membership idea you are on your way to building an online business and making money while you sleep, you just need the HOW!

This is where the Revenue Party Course comes in!

The Revenue Party Course is a Course that teaches you all the ins and outs of creating a course or a membership!

Right now until April 30th the course is on sale for just $197 or $37 for 6 months!

(Normally $347)

Click >>HERE<< to purchase the course.

And then get ready to start making money while you sleep! Can't wait to see you in there girl!

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You are confident, successful and have so much potential. You got this, girl!


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