#43 The #1 Secret To Get Excellent Client Reviews

Having excellent reviews doesn't just happen magically, there is some work on YOUR part that you need to do in order to get the type of reviews that actually HELPS convert.

So are you ready to learn my number 1 secret?

BEFORE we dive in and find out the secret, let's first understand why client reviews are so vital to our business.


1. Helps potential clients self identify

2. Helps potential clients trust us

3. Gets potential clients to make a decision and click purchase


Great question. It's easy! Transformation!

This can be either a story showing where they were before they used your product or service OR a picture showing the transformation (if applicable).

We want to stop getting reviews that are: "Stephanie is great. So glad I did a photoshoot"


"Choosing a boudoir shoot has really opened my eyes. I intentionally didn't try to lose the 10 pounds I thought I should maybe lose before this shoot, and I'm glad I didn't! Seeing myself in these photos has changed how I see myself. I look great just the way I am!"

So now that you know what and excellent client review is and why they are so important, let's dive into my number 1 secret on getting these excellent reviews.

My number 1 secret to getting excellent client reviews that convert more people into customers are: CLIENT SURVEYS!

That's right!

Sending out client survey's and help guiding them to what I need not only helps me, but it also helps them!



We need to ask ourselves these 3 questions first:

1. Who is your Dream Client?

2. What transformation do potential clients need to read about or see visually in order make a buying choice with me?

3. What result are your potential clients hoping to have?

As soon as we know the answers to these two questions we can begin to write the questions we want answered in our client survey.


  • How did you enjoy the experience/product/course? Example: I asked a few of my students how they enjoyed my method of teaching and one answered: "Stephanie's energy is absolutely transformative and contagious! She is a wealth of knowledge and encouragement. She is a skilled teacher and is able to convey her lessons with clear and concise directions. She isn't just a mentor, she is a personal cheerleader and she feels like your best friend!”

  • How did it improve/grow your __(desired transformation)__? Example: I ask my portrait clients how a photoshoot with me helped build their confidence An answer to this question I got from a client was this: "My confidence has doubled from doing a shoot with Stephanie! I feel beautiful as just ME. I love that this photo shoot helped me see myself in a a more positive light than before. Even working with Stephanie's makeup and hair artist was a boost of confidence. I didn't feel like anything was there to cover me up. Instead, they worked as a team to reveal the true me."

  • What difference did you see in your life?

  • How did this product/experience change you?

  • What could we do to improve your experience with us?

  • *IMPORTANT* Always ask if you can use their answers as a testimonial and if they want their name and/or picture used For my portrait clients I also ask which pictures are they comfortable with me sharing


You want to send the survey AFTER the product purchase, or viewing appointment or after their session, they have seen some kind of results.


On your website here are some great places to put these excellent reviews:

  • Homepage

  • Portfolio

  • Products/Services

  • Pricing

  • Before & Afters

  • Checkout Page

  • Blog - share in story format!

Social Media put your reviews:

  • Stories - Then save to hightlight

  • Posts

  • IGTV


There are a few ways to create a survey.

Google Forms (which is free) and has limited data. This is the one I currently use and I haven't needed more than Google Forms yet

There is also Survey Monkey (which starts at $32 a month)

and Typeform (starts at $35 a month) that also allows you to do quizzes which is an excellent way to help grow your email list!

I have a course called the Quiz Course that helps you create AMAZING quizzes that give you answers you need to grow your business, give your potential clients fun and accurate results all while growing your email list! So you can get your hands on that for just $59!

Links Mentioned:

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Till next week!

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