#50 2 Types of Courses You Can Create For Your Business

This bonus episode is all about courses! We're going to dive in and talk about what a course is, the two types of courses you can create and more!

Girl, let's get started!


A course is just a class you can take. So instead of going to a university to learn whatever you're interested in, you can take a course online and learn what you want without spending years in school, without spending all the money AND you can go at your own pace.

If you want to add a course to your business that simply means you are going to become the teacher and put together a class that people will pay you to take.

Now before you get nervous and start thinking "this isn't for me" stay with me! Because I'm going to share the 2 types of courses and different examples that are going to help show you that you CAN do this!!!


Teaching a skill that you know how to do like: photography, makeup, hair, baking, knitting, sewing, piano, dance, yoga, eating gluten free, art, homeschooling, dog training, etc. Seriously the sky is the limit!

I'm going to give you two examples of friends of mine who have created a course based on a skill they have. 1. Betsy Goodman

Betsy is a hand lettering artist who uses her skill to create faith-based art to encourage and support postpartum mamas.

She took the Revenue Party Course and created a course that teaches her skill of hand lettering to beginning lettering artists and creative mamas how to learn lettering in just 14 days! In this course, Betsy breaks it down and teaches brush lettering fundamentals, how to work with your brush pen, basic strokes, lettering and how to connect letters to make words.

To get the Brush Lettering Course waitlist click >>HERE<<

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2. Cornelia Baum

Cornelia is the macrame queen! She sells a lot of her beautiful creations at tradeshows and teaches many workshops.

She recently has create a course that teaches her skill a macrame to beginning macrame creators! Her course teaches you how to create a wall hanging, plant hanger, coasters, rivers, mini planter, mini wall hanging and key chain!

To check out her Beginner Macrame Course click >>HERE<<

And to follow Cornelia on Instagram click >>HERE<<


Teaching a journey like: from couch potatoes to running a 5k, becoming gluten-free, stay-at-home-mom to making $2,000 extra a month, etc.

Here are two examples:

1. Hilary & Ty Krueger Hilary and Ty are parents of 3 kids (soon to be 4!) who have put in place what Ty has learned from being a Behavior Analyst in their gym and family. Seeing the amazing response they've created a course called Get Your Kids To Freakin Listen. Isn't that the best title ever?

In their course they teach a journey on how to go from frazzled mom with kids who don't listen and don't respond to your yelling and time outs, to a happy mom with kids who listen because of the systems Hilary and Ty teach you to put in place in your home.

Cool huh?!

Want to check the course Get Your Kids To Freakin Listen, click >>HERE<<

2. Stephanie Bagley

hahaha, yep that's me! I'm a photographer turned online business coach for creatives. My FAVORITE thing is to teach women how to create passive income by creating a course and/or a membership site.

I teach a course called The Revenue Party Course that teaches YOU how to go from working more to make more money, to creating passive income so that you can make money while you sleep! In this course I teach you step-by-step how to create a course, a membership site and (coming soon) affiliate marketing.

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If you want to get the juices flowing and see if there is a course inside you, (just FYI there totally is a course in your!) get out a piece a paper and brainstorm EVERY skill you have! I don't care how simple it is, just get it all out on paper.

Next, I want you to brainstorm every journey you could teach people. Once again get it all out on paper, don't stop the flow.

Now that you have your list, I want you to look over each skill and journey and ask yourself, "if my friend came over and asked me to teach her this skill or journey, could I?" IF the answer is yes then circle it.

Ask yourself this question until you've gone through your WHOLE list.

When you're done look back at everything you've circled. Those are ALL potential courses you can create to make money while you sleep!!!

Don't know how?

That's where my course The Revenue Party comes in place!

You can purchase The Revenue Party >>HERE<<

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You are confident, successful and have so much potential. You got this, girl!