#52 3 Types of Memberships You Can Create for Your Business

What is a Membership?

A membership is signing up and paying for something monthly in return for knowledge or content.

More than likely you are a part of many memberships because this is the way our world is going!

Some examples of memberships are:

  • Monthly Bills (not a fun one...but necessary)

  • Netflix

  • Amazon

  • Clothing Companies like Stitch Fix

  • Business Platforms like Canva Pro

  • and SOOOOO much more!

4 Reasons why people buy Memberships

1. Community

2. Educations/knowledge

3. Fun & Entertainment

4. Simplify their life!

So now that we know what a membership is and why people purchase them, let's take a look at the 3 different types of memberships and see what you can create in your business!


(I'm going to give you two examples of friends of mine who have created a course based on a skill they have.)

1. Project Membership

This is where you are giving a project monthly or quarterly to your clients. I want you to focus on taking away thinking, stress and hassle for your clients.

Example: Allison Carter Celebrates

She has a box subscription that delivers holiday activities & crafts in a box. It's PERFECT for busy moms who don't want to spend hours on Pinterest finding some fun crafts or go search out and buy all the supplies.

So she takes the thinking, stress and hassle out of fun crafts and activities for you and your kids so that you can just focus on making memories. Seriously LOVE!

To check out her box subscription click >>HERE<<

And to follow Allison on Instagram click >>HERE<<

2. Skill/Mastering Membership

This is where you are teaching a specific skill in a way where your clients and master that skill.

Example: Alana Dawson

Alana coaches women on podcasting! Here membership that is coming out in September gives you the support you need to take your podcasting to the next level! You'll get 2 monthly group coaching calls, learn from podcasting experts and so much more!

To get on the PodcastHER Community click >>HERE<<

And to follow Alana Dawson on Instagram click >>HERE<<

3. Journey Membership

This is teaching your clients a journey on how to achieve a goal.

Example: Stephanie Ann Bagley

The Dream Makers Tribe is a membership for female entrepreneurs who are looking to grow and scale their businesses. Every month we have a deep dive training, live Q&A's, mastermind calls, website and instagram critiques and so much more. So they go on this journey of learning about email marketing, pinterest, ideal clients etc, implementing it with the help of their success partner and ask questions when they need it.

Get on the Dream Makers Tribe waitlist click >>HERE<<

Are you excited? Are your wheels turning?!

I hope so!

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