#53 4 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE I Created A Course or Membership

Know looking back there are a few things I wish I would have known BEFORE I created my course and membership site.

So in this episode you get to learn from my mistakes and my mindset blocks so that you don't have to do the same things I did.

You're welcome. :)

1. I wish I knew how easy it was

Not even joking. When you have a good system to follow (like the Revenue Party Course) It's SO easy to create a course or membership site. I wish I would have started sooner and not waited to have so many instagram followers or all the other metrics I thought I needed to have before I could create a course or membership site.

2. I wish I knew that it would never be perfect and that's ok

I'm not even a perfectionist so this point is a weird one for me to think about honestly. However, I have been surprised how many times I was taken off guard because things didn't go how I thought they would. For example I launched the Revenue Party course right when Covid hit because I KNEW this was a course entrepreneurs needed.

I have 3 Revenue streams in my business and over night with Covid two of my revenue streams DIED. All I could think about is how grateful I was for my online, passive income and I wanted to teach other entrepreneurs how to do it to!

So I created this course in 3 days and launched it to the world. Fast forward just a few days and my dear grandmother passed away, and then a cousin passed away, and then we decided to move and moved our family from Utah to Idaho and my brain shut down.

This "perfect" timing I thought I had to launch a course was no longer perfect and I went into survival mode and fell off the earth it felt like.

Fast forward a few months and I feel like I can finally function as a human and could launch this course again and actually help people. So from today to June 20,2020 you can purchase the Revenue Party Course for $197 and July 1st it goes up to $397.

3. I wish I knew how many pieces there were to building a course or membership

hahaha I know I just said in my number 1 how easy it is, and it IS easy IF you have a system. Because there are SO many pieces that go into course creation, membership creation, marketing and launching etc. So make sure that you have a teacher that you trust to show you the formula so that you don't miss anything when you create and launch your products.

4. I wish I would have broken free of my "Just Box" sooner

The "Just Box" is when you say things like, I'm JUST a mom, or I'm JUST a photographer. And when we are in the "Just Box" we miss out on ALL the amazing things we can create.

Like no joke, you have at least 3 courses and memberships inside you RIGHT NOW that you can create. Totally serious.

However, we get stuck putting ourselves in these "Just boxes" and keep ourselves from creating something truly amazing.

So break out of it.

Those are the 4 things I wish I would have known. What did you wish you knew because committing to creating a course or membership?

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