#56 How Colors Impact Emotions, Thoughts & Behavior

Do you find it hard to understand color psychology? Maybe you want to redecorate your living room, decorate your new office space, or maybe change how your brand is represented? You don’t know whether to use your favorite color or the trendiest one, etc.

Well girl, let me introduce you to Mehnaz Khan who is a color specialist who understands the psychology of color. She explains in detail in this episode how color triggers emotions and behavior and what you can do to make the right decision when choosing colors.

“No color replaces any other color; every color has a different purpose. So, even if you think you don’t like the color but, sometimes might be the best color for you.”

- Mehnaz Khan


[0:09] How color triggers behavior when light enters the eye.

[2:05] Why color is not subjective and three reasons why a certain color might be your favorite.

[4:05] Color culture symbolism and the psychology of color- reasons why some colors like pink are associated with women and blue with men.

[8:10] The element of a space and how color can be matched to fit in.

[10:21] The meaning of different colors and how they affect the brain in triggering different emotions.

[15:19] How color is combined with textures and design at home to match everyone’s personality and still remain in harmony.

[19:18] How to align your brand colors to match who you are and some questions that can help you better understand color psychology.

And so much more!

LINKS MENTIONED: Instagram: Mehnaz Khan Website: https://www.mehnazkhanstudio.com

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