#58 How To Start Using Pinterest To Market Your Business

Lindsay is talking all about Pinterest which is a fantastic way to market your business FOR FREE! Which I mean, who doesn't love free?!

When I asked Lindsay which platform gave her the most traffic and growth to her business Pinterest or instagram, she said Pinterest hands down! Here are some stats on why YOU need to be using pinterest:

  • Pinterest has more than 320 Million active users

  • 71% of those people are women

  • 47% of users log in specifically to shop

  • 70% of users say that information (including ads) on Pinterest are helpful

  • the lifespan of a pin can be up to 3,000 days

So girl, let's learn how to start using Pinterest!


You need to know first that Pinterest is a search engine just like Google or Youtube. So having SEO and Keywords need to be searchable words that people people would go to Pinterest and type in.

Take some time to type in words that you think are related to your business IN the Pinterest search bar and it will generate key words for you. Write down all the keywords you want to use.


  • Switch to a business account

  • Claim your website

  • Have a clear picture of you

  • Your name

  • Your website

  • Your "I help" statement

  • Call to action


  • Start your Pinterest account with at least 10 boards with 10 pins. Make sure it's a mix of business and other things you like, like home decor, food etc

  • Name your boards a specific, simple name with keywords. Don't name it a cute and clever name, no one will find it

  • Write your description

PINS: Try to create 5 pins per piece of content you create, like a blog post, podcast etc. Precreate a few templates in Canva so all you have to do is plug in the information.

A few different types of pins are: A quote pin, audiogram or video, blog post title pin, infographic.

Make sure each pin has:

  • High quality photo (if you have a photo on it)

  • 2 easy to read fonts

  • Put your website directly ON the pin graphic


You want to be posting to Pinterest about 20 pins a day. If that seems overwhelming then girl, you'll want/need Tailwind which is a scheduling app that is AMAZING!

Also, a rule that Lindsay does that makes creating content so much easier is breaking the content down into 3 pieces of content. 1/3 - of your own content

1/3 - content that is already on Pinterest

1/3 - content you're bringing to Pinterest (like from Target or any site you're on)

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