#62 Why You Need To Create A Quiz For Your Business

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Let's talk about Quizzes and why you NEED them for your business!

Whether you sell products, services or online courses and memberships you need a course in your business.

After taking at least 60 quizzes and seeing the good, ok and ugly, I'm also going to talk about the 8 mistakes I see all the time with quizzes so that you can avoid them when you build yours.

The 3 Reasons You Need A Quiz

  1. To build your email list

  2. To learn more about your Dream Client so you can create products and services perfect for them

  3. To help sell what it is you offer

So when you are building your quiz keep those 3 things in mind and if you currently have a quiz and it's not doing each of those 3 things, change it because you are missing out!

The 8 Top Quiz Mistakes

  1. They are boring

  2. The questions have nothing to do with the end result

  3. Results aren't accurate

  4. The quiz doesn't give the quiz creator (aka you) what they need about their ideal client

  5. Quiz results don't have any value

  6. Quiz has nothing to do with your business

  7. The quiz is too long

  8. The quiz doesn't build their email list

There you have it! The 8 most common mistakes I see with quizzes all.the.time! Don't do these!

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