#64: Why Competition In Business Is Good

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Girl let me tell you, not only is competition in business good, but it's NEEDED. In this episode I'm going to break down why competition is good and how you can stand out.

Story time!

I moved to Idaho back in April and it's September and I still don't have internet! Can I just tell you it's so hard to have an online business with no internet....seriously not fun.

There are 2 internet companies here. The first one is a company that does internet through towers, and they said we have to many trees blocking the towers, so no internet.

The second company is a dialup internet company and the guy here for 8 hours trying to figure it all out but realized that their wires out by the road are busted so he left his stuff here and said he'd be back the next day to fix it.

Well, that was 7 months ago.

We still have the guys stuff (we have called SO many times) and they just don't see the value in fixing the wire to only give 1 family internet.

And since there is no competition, we just have to wait till they feel like fixing the wire to actually get internet.

"Girl, competition is not only good, it is NEEDED"

-Stephanie Bagley

Competition Is Good Because:

  1. It let's you know you have a market!

  2. It pushes you to serve your client better than you ever would have before

How To Stand Out From Your Competition

  1. Change your mindset from "woe is me because I have competition." to "YES! I have competition! How am I going to use this to my advantage."

  2. Look at your competition and see:

  • who is their ideal client

  • what are they doing well

  • and what holes do they have that you can fill with your God given talents.

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3. Serve your client with love and service!


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