#71: 2020 Black Friday, What You Need To Know

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Like everything else in 2020 Black Friday this year is going to look a little different. Here are 3 things I think are going to be different this year and what you need to know.

This episode is just the tip of the iceberg. Last month in my Dream Makers Tribe I did a deep dive training on Black Friday.

So here are the 3 things you need to know this year.

  1. Black Friday is going to be more of a season instead of just 4 days

  2. Everyone is going to be shopping online, so 1. make sure you stand out online and 2. tell your people about your sale before they start getting bombarded with other Black Friday offers.

  3. If you have a product make sure you do your sale with plenty of time for your customers to get their products by Christmas. (And girl, if you are a person who waits till last minute to purchase Christmas gifts, don't wait this year.)

So as you're planning your Black Friday Deal:

Choose a start and end date for your promotion and choose 1 enticing offer.

Links Mentioned:

The Dream Makers Tribe - to watch the Black Friday Training

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