#78: Learning To Breathe Again, Finding Hope In Grief

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions in today's episode! You are sure to walk away feeling inspired after hearing Lark's incredible story.

After losing her father and her 19-year-old son to suicide, within just 5 years of each other, Lark knew she needed to speak out about the challenges of mental health. Today we discuss Lark's new book, Learning to Breathe Again, where she shares some of her experiences and how we, too, can find hope in grief.

Two reasons why Lark wrote this book:

  1. To spread the message that there is hope, there is meaning, and you can go on!

  2. For parents struggling in relationships with your children.

Lark has so much knowledge and so many incredible experiences that are sure to help you some how, some way, in your life, too! Listen to the podcast and check out her book for more of her inspiring journey!

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Get Lark's new book on Amazon or on her website!

Suicide Prevention Crisis Hotline

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