#81: How To Restructure Your Mindset To Promote Inner Healing

Listen in for Sanaa Lynne's incredible story of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-empowerment, as well as tips on how you can find purpose and healing in life too, no matter what your personal struggle may be!

A chronic illness coach and warrior of 13+ years, Sanaa Lynne went from being bedridden to a business woman by trading in her pharmaceutical drugs for medicinal herbs and healthy eating. She underwent what she calls “a lifestyle detox” and changed all aspects of her life for the better.

From her food to beauty products, friends, and family, she cut off ties with any and everything toxic, to bring fresh, clean energy into her life. By doing so, she was able to not only improve her quality of life, but also pursue her greatest dream, to start her own business.

She now helps other women restructure their mindset and lifestyle to promote inner healing, so they too can make peace with their bodies, and accept their life after diagnosis.

5 Major Takeaways:

-How to shift into living with a positive mindset

-How to find gratitude in hardships

-How to maintain a work - life - health balance

-How to trust in Gods divine plan

-Why your story matters

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