#3 The Ultimate Branding Checklist!

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

This branding checklist is everything that I have learned and wish I knew about branding when I started. I wish I had a checklist like this years ago! I am so excited for you to use it, because it is a game changer! You can download The Ultimate Branding Checklist by clicking HERE.


Why are you building this business? Why does this business matter to you? Why are you targeting your specific client? Your answers to these questions should drive you to be better and continue forward, even when it gets tough. You should also share these answers in your about page, social posts, etc. You will attract more of your ideal client if they know why you do what you do!


What are 3-5 words that describe your brand? Don't copy other businesses in you field! Be unique. Be authentic. I promise that you will attract more of your ideal client!


Your brand should be cohesive and consistent. This includes your photos, color scheme, words, etc. Whether it is on your blog, website, or Instagram, everything should be consistent!

Don't forget to check out my Ultimate Branding Checklist to create a beautiful and cohesive brand!


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