#15 How to Create an EPIC About Me Page

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

On almost all websites the About page is the most viewed page. Your about page needs to attract your ideal client and repel the rest. You want to show your people your personality, your credentials and why YOU are the one they need to solve their problem.

Honestly your about page really isn’t about you. It’s about your ideal client and how you’re the perfect person to meet their needs!

When your potential client goes to your about page, they’re looking to have these questions answered:

  • Who are you?

  • Why should I hire you?

  • Do you understand me and my problems?

  • Can you really help me?

  • How can I trust you and why?

  • What makes your solution different than the other solutions I’ve tried?


So What does your About Page Need?

These are the 6 things you need on your page. I have a freebie for this podcast episode that you can get by going to this episodes show notes.

  1. Photo of You - You want the photo of you to be one of your face towards the camera.

  2. Introduce Your business - This is where In just a few sentences you want to tell the people reading your about page if you are the right fit for them.

  3. Tell Your Story - This is where you tell your story of why it is you do what you do and why you serve the ideal client you serve.

  4. Your Credentials - This is the perfect place to showcase where you’ve been featured! Have been a guest of a blog? Podcast? Magazine? Ect?

  5. Fun Facts About You - Fun facts is a fantastic place for you to tell your audience anything random, fun, crazy about you! The point of this section is for your audience to relate to you.

  6. Call To Action - Now that they have finished reading your about page. What action do you want them to take?

Your about page is not one you want to throw together. You want to maximize this page so that you can turn your website visitors into clients!

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