#20 How to Create a Partnership Program that ROCKS!

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Guys this episode is SOOO GOOD! Allie is the creator & director of the Partnership Program at Kajabi, which is an all-in-one platform for entrepreneurs. She is teaching us today how to create a partnership program that rocks!

We did this interview differently and did a Q&A styled interview. In the show notes these are just little highlights, I promise you'll want to listen to the episode because it's GOLD!

Me: Could Entrepreneurs benefit from having a Partnership Program?

Allie: YES!

It might look different then Kajabi's but it will totally help you! A great Subscription payout is 30% and for a product based business I would suggest 50%. It's hard to think that you're giving away your money, but you have to realize that when people are coming to you because of your partnership program they are going to be more valuable customers!

Me: Did a Partnership Program help grow Kajabi?

Allie: Yes.

Our partnership program has become our number one way of acquiring new customers.

ME: How do you build a Partnership program?

Allie: Before you start one you have to start a few steps back and build a community.

Build a community, watch and see who your rockstars are, highlight those people and build a relationship with them.

Me: How to you build these relationships with your partners and how do you know your rockstars?

Allie: Relationships and Data are EVERYTHING!!!

We track EVERYTHING! Anytime you don't track you are leaving money on the table. So when you are tracking you'll see people commenting more, making more sales etc. And whenever I saw someone crushing it I would reach out to them and sometimes jump on the phones with them. Another thing I did was write a customer letter. Which is where I sat down and wrote what I'd love a customer of ours to say to us 5 years after being a partner with us. That letter has become our roadmap to how we created our partnership program.

Me: If an entrepreneur is thinking about doing a partnership program but thinking that their business is too small, where can they start?

Allie: 1. Start with the customer letter.

2. Do things that aren't scale-able

3. Get feedback! Talk to your customers and listen to them!

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