#18 How to Get Publicity & Pivot Your Business

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Allison has been featured on Forbes, Better Homes & Gardens, Motherly and more and she wants to teach you how to get big names behind your brand too! She also dives into how to pivot your business.


Getting publicity will help you grow your audience and get featured in even more places. Before you start pitching to get publicity you'll want to:

  1. Make a Dream List, which is a list of businesses, podcasts, magazines, tv shows, etc that you want to be featured in.

  2. Get on HARO. HARO is a great place to practice you pitch and find out which pitches are working and which ones are not. It also is a great place to get found and featured on great platforms who are looking for content.

When you're writing your pitch email, always think "How can I serve their audience? What value can I give them?" Never lead with your products and service.


Pivoting your business is amazing when you listen to your audience and give them what they need and are asking for. You can find out your audiences needs by doing polls and quizzes on Instagram or asking them for feedback after they have purchased a product/service. By listening to her audience Allison started her podcast in 2018 and this year started her Holiday box subscription - Memories in Moments Unwrapped.


In the podcast Allison gives us some bonus gold on why creating a Niche market has served her well and why you should get niched too. You don't want to miss it!


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