#6 How to Stand Out In a Saturated Market

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

"My market is too saturated. Everyone around me is doing [blank] just like me!"

I hear this all the time! But, guess what? Everyone's market is saturated.

When you see a successful business, it's not because they had no competition or because no one was doing it in their area. It's because they stand out!

Today's episode is all about standing out in a crowded market. I have also created a worksheet for this episode that will help you find ways to make your business stand out. You can download that HERE!


What service do you provide for your client in the initial contact, during the experience, and after the purchase? This can include anything from food that you provide during the experience to a follow up email after purchase. Though you might sell similar products as other businesses, it is ultimately the service you provide that will make you stand out. Your extra service will be unique to your business. People will be drawn to your business because it is more personal and offers more than merely a product.


Your brand should reflect your business, but especially who you are as a person. People want to get to know you and feel connected to you. Take a step back and look at your brand as a whole. Is it a good representation of you? Do people feel connected to you through your brand? If not, here is a great course you can take that will help enhance your brand. [insert link to the brand lab here]. Branding is more than colors and fonts, it is about connection. People are attracted to brands that are relatable. Showing you through your brand will help connect your audience and attract more clients.


The quality of service you provide and your brand should align with your prices. Your prices might be higher than others in your market, and that's okay! The key is to advertise the extra experience and services a client will be receiving if they buy your product. Show clients why they should choose your business. Demonstrate why you are worth it.

I can't wait to see how you choose to stand out in your market!

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