#38 I'm Answering Your Top 10 Coronavirus Business Questions

Yep you read that right. For the past 2 weeks I have been getting so many questions from entrepreneurs wondering what they need to do during this crisis. So I thought I'd answer the top 10 questions here!

Q: What do these uncertain times mean for social media managers?

A: Girl! This means you’re about to do well! Everyone is trying to innovate their business right now with LESS time cuz kids are now home. So change your messaging to be something like “hey mamma, I see you trying to work AND homeschool AND trying to keep calm, let me help you out.”

Q: What do these uncertain times mean for in person service business and brick and mortar shops?

A: It’s time to innovate! Figure out how you can show up online even if it feels weird. You can teach a course, have a membership site, work with your clients over zoom or do a delivery service.

And if there is absolutely no way to get online, then show up as the expert on social media and to your email list

Don’t have an email list? PERFECT time to build one! Listen to episode 32

Q: I’m still trying to decide what type of business to start. Any suggestions how to choose?

A: There is a sweet spot is where your superpowers/ passions and ideal client meet. So ask yourself, what are your skills? What are you passionate about and could teach/ talk about forever? Who would you love to serve and impact? Then see if there are any skills and passions that you have that you can teach and use to serve your ideal client.

Q: Should I give everything for free?

A: No. I see your heart and I know you want to give, BUT when you give things fro free you're hurting your family, your business, your team if you have one, your clients and the economy. So create a relevant freebie, but still charge for your stuff!

Q: Can I charge people right now?

A: Yes!!! Keep money flowing into the economy, keep growing your business hiring it contractors or your team, and encouraging others do the same.

However, you’ll want to change your pitch messaging to be appropriate to the times.

You can give more for your price. Give extra bonuses or maybe a discount.

Q: How do you separate mom and work life right now?

A: hahahahaha right...girl, I'm still trying to figure this out too. I have mandatory tv time from 11-1 and then working after they go to bed so hard.

Q: What if I have two ideal clients? How do I serve both of them?

A: All month we've been doing trainings on our Ideal Clients in our Dream Makers Tribe! This is SO important to know!

So what you need to first analize is do you have 2 different clients but are selling the same service?


Do you have to have a different products or service for each client? And if you need differnt services then ask yourself...do I want to do that?

If the answer is yes, then fill out an Ideal Client Profile for each client.

Q: How can I get more comfortable on camera?

A: Practice, practice, practice and you can download my freebie so you know how to look good when you do show up! And girl, show up! The world needs you now more than ever.

Q: My business is so slow, what can I do?

A: Great time to take that course you’ve wanted to!

Go through and update or create your website, contracts, systems, nurture sequence, freebies etc.

Look at your business and figure out how you can get multiple revenue streams and get your business online if it isn’t.

Pray for guidance in your business, be proactive. Get your creative hat on!

Q: What can we do to support each other?

A: Give reviews to each other’s businesses, podcasts, do shout out on social media, message them and ask how they are doing and if they need anything


Episode 32: How to Get Started with List Building

The Revenue Party Course Ideal Client Worksheet

Confidence in Front of the Camera Freebie

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You are confident, successful and have so much potential. You got this, girl!


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