#12 You've been asking, here’s my answer about how to handle the haters

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

After receiving MANY messages asking me how I handle the haters, I knew I needed to do a podcast episode about how to handle the haters! So before we go any farther, you need to know WHO haters are, and who they are NOT. A hater is someone who is verbally attacking you in person, in your messages or in comments. A hater is not someone who doesn't understand what you're doing. If a friend or family member is asking you want you're doing, how are you making money as a ______(fill in the blank) 90% of the time they aren't trying to hate on you, they just simply don't understand.


Protect yourself! Protect your mind, your spirit, your energy. So how I do this is by having a folder on my computer that says Love Notes. Every time I get a email, message, comment where someone is saying anything nice, I take a screenshot of it and put it in my Love Notes folder. So whenever I have a down day, or receive hate mail. I take a moment and open this folder and read all the comments. I do this because 90% of the comments and messages I get are AWESOME, and I bet that it's the same for you, however, it's so easy to cling onto the 10% of crap that comes our way.


That's right! Message them back, killing them with kindness. If I get an email I'll write them back, if it's on Facebook or Instagram I'll voice message the hater back. Scary I know! But more often than not, people forget that there is a real person behind the business and brand. In this episode I give 2 different examples of messages I send.


The last step is to look at these hateful comments or messages to see if there are any takeaways that I can use to improve my message or grow my business. Sometimes there won't be any value from these hate mails, but sometimes you can get a gold nuggets from them that can help you in your business! In the podcast I share an example of how I took some recent hate mail and was able to pull out 2 takeaways that help my team and I fill up our workshop!

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