Revenue Party!


A course that teaches you how to build a course

and a membership site

so that you can start making money in your sleep!

Welcome to the Revenue Party where the beverage of choice is lemonade!

Because when life gives you lemons (like a world pandemic or economic crisis),

you take control of your future, pivot, and make life sweet. 

What if I told you growing your business in the middle of coronavirus was entirely possible?

You’re talented. You hustle. You do what it takes to get it done.


But sometimes, especially during hard times like we’re in right now, that feels like it’s not enough. I get it, girl!


When life throws a curveball and you’re not able to do that thing you’re so passionate about, you feel like your world is falling apart. You wonder if business will ever pick back up. And you might even start to panic as you watch your bank account get lower and lower each day.


You thrive off doing what you love and girl, you know you’re good at it!


But you just hit a MAJOR roadblock. We all did. And guess what … that roadblock isn’t your fault. 


So how in the world do you keep going when you are literally blocked by mandated quarantines, new home schooling woes, and an actual world pandemic? You don’t give up hope. You don’t stop. 


You pivot. You diversify. You make lemonade. And serve it at your next revenue party.

Cue the confetti — it’s time to multiply your income!

If you have a service that’s dependent on...well...anything, you understand that there are so many factors at play that can stop the revenue from flowing in.

What do I mean?


Well, when the coronavirus hit, so many of my friends’ revenue streams dried up: fellow photographers, hair stylists, event planners, musicians, bartenders, etc.


They weren’t able to meet clients or go to their job. Overnight, their businesses were in jeopardy and they went into panic mode about the future of their career. They love what they do, but they hate the fear and anxiety that's taken over.


Luckily, I’m not in that same arena right now. Not this time. Because one year ago, I’d already diversified my revenue streams by providing online programs to help others grow. 


And now, I want to help YOU do the same!

You can use your talents to teach others what you know and strengthen your business while doing it!

Yes! You! You have what it takes to build and teach successful online programs to increase your revenue and pivot your business. 


Maybe you’re thinking…


       “I wish Stephanie! I just don’t have the money to make it happen.”


       “Have you met me? There’s no way I can handle the tech for online programs.”


       “Every idea I’ve thought of teaching, someone else is already doing.”


Girl, I’ve been there! I told myself all the things to stay in my comfort zone. But it wasn’t until our family was in desperate financial straints that I forced myself to dream bigger. So I invested in an online course, and it changed my life and transformed my business forever.


Today, I teach female entrepreneurs how to take their service based business online so they can diversify their revenue, do what they love, and have time at the end of the day to make memories with their family.

And I want the same for you!


If you think creating an online course is out of reach, think again. I’m here to tell you that it is not only possible but simple and affordable! 


I’ll help you discover what it can all look like for you and break down the exact steps you will need to set up your first online course or membership program with confidence and ease. 

A girl’s gotta have dreams, but she’s also gotta fund those dreams.


Just imagine, in less than 21 days, you can have your online program up and running and watch the revenue pour in while you sip on an ice-cold glass of lemonade.



In this course, there are four main modules where you’ll learn the basics on everything you need to know to create your first course or membership program.


From brainstorming your course idea to the best online platform to host your courses on to the exact steps to set up a course vs. a membership. 


Then, we’ll go over the details that I know really matter to you, like learning how you can continue to support your family in the good times and bad. 


Girl, Let's Get Started

Identify your superpowers and brainstorm ideas on how you can use your gifts to help other passionate people like you. Determine if a course or a membership (or both!) will be right for your business. We’ll talk about facing and slaying fears when it comes to starting something new!



All About Courses

We’ll go over your goals, naming your course and how to outline it! You’ll learn proper pricing that will help make you money and bring in the right clients. And lastly, we’ll go over the fundamentals of making your modules.



All About Memberships

In this module, we’ll go over the basics of memberships and how they continually feed your business. We’ll talk about setting it up and what that would look like for you and your clients so you can start bringing in the revenue.


Girl, Let's Get Selling

We’ll take a look at your future clients and determine the difference between emotional and logical buyers. You learn how to set up your cart and build a business that will outlast any economic crisis!


Let's break it down!

In this course, you’ll have everything you need to know to start making money online when you create your own program using your talents, passion and industry knowledge! 


Here are all the deets:


       Four modules - $1,500 

to teach you exactly how to pivot your business into a revenue-generating machine

      Templates - $200

You’ll receive 3 editable Canva templates to create your own brand board, workbook AND slides for your new course or membership

Total Value: $1,700

Yours for just $697
or 3 payments of $250


"Stephanie is absolutely brilliant!!  Her knowledge and ways of teaching are so amazing and I’m so thankful that I found her.


She’s helped me exceed past my goals & guided me into creating a clear vision of what I want, showing me how to move step by step in the right direction!"

—  Jodi

"Girl, you have so much amazingness to share with the world. And I can’t wait to help you share it!"

- Stephanie

Still have questions? I’m here for you girl! Drop me a message a stephanieannportraits@gmail.com

"Stephanie is a skilled teacher and is able to convey her lessons with clear and concise directions. She isn't just a mentor, she is a personal cheerleader and she feels like your best friend!"

—  Alexia, photographer